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Why Leasing/Owning Commercial Property in Billerica, MA Makes Sense

Ask the people of Billerica, Massachusetts what they think of their quaint New England town and they’ll undoubtedly tell you it’s the perfect place to live, work and own a business. With homes and other landmarks dating back to the late 1600s, the area’s rich history has become an integral part of its unique charm and personality.

Today, Billerica remains a friendly town, with plenty of modern conveniences, like the many Dunkin Donuts, blending in with the area’s old textile mills and family owned restaurants. People who call Billerica home are proud of their town and fiercely loyal to the businesses located there.. Just one visit and it’s easy to see why leasing commercial property in Billerica is such an attractive option.

Why you want to lease commercial property in Billerica

Located just a short 30 minute drive from Boston, Billerica is well populated and, unlike many Massachusetts metro areas, is remarkably easy to navigate. Ideally situated with three exits off the newly revamped Route 3 and just minutes from Routes 128, 95, 495 and 93, transportation in and out of town is surprisingly convenient. The town also features a variety of public transit options, including the MBTA’s North Billerica station.

Businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries have found that leasing commercial property in Billerica is a profitable decision. With a small, close-knit community and access to excellent schools, ample housing, a wealth of employment opportunities and plenty of attractive commercial and residential properties available, Billerica represents the quintessential New England hardworking town where businesses thrive.

For those considering starting or relocating a business in Billerica, the town offers a number of attractive incentives for doing so. For instance, the Massachusetts Office of Business Development (MOBD) works with companies to provide advice, support and guidance on available economic programs. The Office of Community Development is also available to help businesses with everything from locating real estate to arranging the appropriate financing, permitting, workforce training and other key business needs.

If you are considering leasing commercial property in Billerica, you’ll certainly have all the help you need to be successful.

Who’s already here?

Billerica is home to a refreshingly diverse, culturally rich community of just over 40,000 residents, with local businesses enjoying access to a workforce of around 23,000. Consumers in the area are highly educated and boast a median household income of approximately $88,000, representing an attractive target audience for local businesses.

Over the years, Billerica has captured the attention of a number of high profile companies, including General Electric, Raytheon and Millipore Sigma plus fast-growing life science and tech startups. The town features an impressive number of business parks ideally located close to the neighboring highways. Whether you are looking for office space, research and development, retail or industrial, there are many options for leasing commercial property in Billerica.

To find out what’s available, contact our Billerica commercial leasing experts today!

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